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Ultrasound Reinvented

Our high-performance, customizable, and versatile transducers open doors to opportunities beyond the reach of conventional technologies. We are opening new horizons by enabling novel applications in healthcare, non-destructive testing (NDT), wearables, and more.


Our transducers are powered by PolyCMUT cells - imagine tiny, precision-engineered drums that resonate at ultrasonic frequencies. Crafted through advanced photolithography, we layer polymers and metals to form intricate membranes.

By replicating thousands across any given surface, we can tailor-make transducers with unparalleled versatility. The customization of distribution patterns and polymer types enables us to deliver high-performance ultrasound technology that is both uniform in quality and economical to produce.

SEM 2_edited_edited.png

Matrix array transducers and ultrasound patches are poised to revolutionize health monitoring. These sophisticated devices enable detailed imaging and seamless health tracking and pave the way for automated, AI-enhanced monitoring, facilitating a new level of non-invasive personalized care. 

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