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The Next Generation of Ultrasound Imaging

The world's most versatile and customizeable ultrasound transducers

Our Mission

Sonus Microsystems is dedicated to revolutionizing ultrasound imaging, screening, and monitoring through our proprietary polymer MEMS technology. Our mission is to introduce high-performance ultrasound transducers, including large matrix arrays and miniaturized sensors, that will  redefine the standards of healthcare diagnostics. Combined with advances in AI, computer vision, and medical image analysis, our advanced transducers will  unlock new potentials in reliable ultrasound remote monitoring. We are determined to make diagnostic imaging, screening and monitoring globally accessible and affordable for a wide range of applications.


Polymer-based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (PolyCMUTs) are tiny vibrating membranes that can send and receive ultrasound waves. Unlike conventional technologies, PolyCMUTs have a vast parameter space to optimize performance and fine-tune based on specific application requirements.


With access to advanced fabrication facilities in North America, including class-100 cleanrooms, and state-of-the-art microfabrication, measurement equipment and software tools, we can reliably simulate, design and develop the most advanced and unique transducers in the shortest amount of time.


From superb bandwidth and sensitivity provided by capacitive sensing to novel fabrication techniques that enable short turnaround time and agile design and development, our technology empowers fast prototyping, expedited time-to-production, and reduced R&D costs never seen before in hardware and sensor development.

Novel Applications

From miniature arrays to large, flexible, or optically transparent transducers, our technology empowers novel applications in ultrasound that are otherwise unfathomable with conventional piezoelectric or silicon technologies. We partner with visionaries and technology leaders to revolutionize ultrasound diagnostics and testing.

At Sonus, we believe that current limitations in ultrasound transducer technology impede its widespread use and the full realization of the potential of ultrasound as an imaging modality. We are committed to advancing this technology to extend ultrasound applications far beyond conventional applications and use cases. 

Rapid Innovation, Measurable Results


6dB Fractional Bandwidth


Fabrication Time


Days to 1st Prototype



Our Partners


Our Approach

By harnessing the power of our high performance PolyCMUTs, we provide a level of optimization and fine-tuning that makes it feasible to iterate on new designs on a weekly timeline. Our proprietary agile prototyping and development process results in fast iterations and affordable R&D costs. We are partnering with market leaders and building our own advanced imaging systems. We'd love to hear about your innovative application and explore potential synergistic partnerships. 

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